Can I add a second air radio to a current ground/air radio pair?

I did some searching and didn't see an answer:  Basically can I bind 2 air radios to a single ground radio?  I will only be using one at a time.

Currently I have a single ground/air radio and I'm buying another APM for another platform, so I wanted to a second air radio for that platform so I don't have to switch out radios.   Will this work, or do I need to buy a second ground radio as well?  (They're all on the same band of course). 

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Presuming you're talking about the RC side of the operation, absolutely...that's how transmitters with multi-model memories function. :-)

You can set 2 air radios with same parameters.

Alan, I was talking in specific to the 3dr packet radios.

Thanks for the help!

I have a single 3DR ground-side 915 MHz radio and use it ith 2 air-side ones (obviously not simultaneously :)) with no problem.

I have a similar question:

Can I use multiple air radios with a single ground unit at the same time?

I would like to control a handful of drones from GCS. 

Mav link can use up to 255 devices from what I have read, but I dont understand if I would need a 1 to 1 ratio of air to ground units or if I can use many to one?

From the radio perspective is this possible?

From the code perspective I know it needs work.


You cen setup mutiple radios for LISTENING only (DUTY CYCLE=0), and only two radios with same NET ID can be bidirectional at the same time.

What kind of work would be needed to create a mesh that allows for all devices to communicate with each other? 

I'm thinking something like a (only talk if no one else is talking and only listen for a header that has your mavlink ID in it. 

Shouldnt need to be complex like tcp/ip as there are only a small amount of devices involved.

Maybe something like token ring where a token is handed between drone devices to allow each drone a timeslice to speak to gcs. Then sending telemetry bursts every say 10ms.

I need all radios to be able to command and send data. IS the NET ID something that can be worked around in software? (Is it a hardware or software connotation?)

Thanks for your thoughts!

There are two recent posts where this question is raised.


The NET ID is an address for the radio (3DR radio).

The radios will not associate unless the NET ID's match.

The APM parameter SYSD_THISMAV  can be used to identify each MAV, of course the GCS needs to be able to support multiple vehicles.

The Xbee radios can do mesh networking with automatic route (data path) discovery.

Here is a link to the XbeePro900 manual...

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