can i use telemetry modem like (Aerocomm, maxstream xtend and xbee pro) both as data modem and remote control????

i am looking for telemetry modem that can be used both as modem for data-link and remote control??? i m working on my final project to build UAV with GCS...

please suggest any modem you know that meets my requirement.


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for 2 years, I use a single connection (xBee Modem) for Remote Control and Telemetry.

I built my own and control console (with arduino UC)

Show the résult:

I prepare a new console with Color LCD and many new function :)

You could look at dragonlink. They advertise both control and FPV. UHF.

I haven't bought anything from them, have heard a couple of commants, don't know how valid they are?

Their web page didn't give me a ton of confidence. parts of it are pretty, but video demos don't really demonstrate the claims.

Maybe someone else knows how good they are.

Can I connect the xbee pro with my pc to receive flight information (speed, altitude, heading, gps position) and control the uav with joystick connected to pc through USB???? The gcs software will be similar to mission planner made with c#....

Are u satisfied from xbee modem working both as telemetry and remote control????? I mean what is the performance????

Yes, its run good !

My system exchange frame at 10Hz (Ten question <-> answer every second)

I have created some spécifique frame in Mavlink, for better performance.

10hz, is enougth for Me, i am slower than my drone :)


ok, can i transmit and receive video through 2.4 GHz xbee modem ??? i mean, i want three things from xbee modem: Datalink + Remote Control + Video Transmission all at same time... please reply ASAP, as i m getting closer to my problems solution...


Hi, No Vidéo signal !! 

Only Telemetry and Control

xBee run at 57000bd, not enougth for Vidéo !

Which video transmitter and receiver you suggest for 2 to 4 km.

Thanks for reply

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