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I am a PhD student and my lab has an IRIS quadcopter. I was wondering if is it possible to fly indoor with it or not? Even if it is needed some kind of hack.

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Yes, no problem, you can't use modes that require GPS.

You'll need to change the Arming Check (ARMING_CHECK) param within Mission Planner to ignore GPS lock before arming the motors for flight.


That is what I did to be able to use the IRIS indoor:

Not sure what your need is as far a flying the IRIS indoors but I wanted to share this in case you havn't seen it already.  

Amazing project!


And here is Chris Anderson and Brandon Hurd speaking a bit about it at ARM TechCon http://youtu.be/EwYTgzfQ-A8?t=20m40s

Thanks for the reply. The first link , on the bottom.. That guy is from my department in Naples, Italy :) I knew that project. Thanks anyway.

The second video is cool :) 

I tried using these settings for an indoor flight, but was unsuccessful at arming the motors still.  I had to completely disable the "Arming Check" instead of only "SkipGPS".  Any ideas why that might be?

You can use a precise (+-2cm) Indoor "GPS": http://marvelmind.com/.

Here the a couple of demos:


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