Hi there,

I'm a newbie in APM:copter and Pixhawk.

I have a project will connect a Pixhawk with other hardware device via I2C, and this extended device must be I2C master.

Can Pixhawk act as an I2C slave device in the communication? And where can I get some samples or documents for I2C with AC and Pixhawk?

So sorry for my silly questions, but I really didn't find the answers in ArduPilot dev wiki. :(

Great thanks for your help.

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The Pixhawk uses the I2C bus for reading the compass (both internal and external) and pressure sensors (MS5611). These are on the #2 I2C bus

You could perhaps use the #1 I2C bus, but I'm not sure if the Pixhawk supports being a slave on that port. You'd have to look further into the code.

(Pixhawk schematics are at https://pixhawk.org/_media/modules/px4fmu-schematic-v1.6.pdf)

Thank you Stephen, I'll discuss with our HW team to see this approach.

Thank you so much. 

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