I am new to this, but despite my searching, I can't find a good description of System ID and Component ID and how these are used with MAVLINK.  

How can I know what these values should be?  Is there a way to figure out the appropriate sysid / compid from a heartbeat message?  If so, is there code available I can look at?

I am trying to write my own .net application to connect to my IRIS+ and I want to take Mission Planner out of the loop.  I have some other questions and background on what i am trying to do here:


Any pointers are appreciated.  Thanks.

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System is is a value between 1-255 and identifies the target system you are communicating with. Default autopilot settings is 1. You can have up to 255 on the same stream. Component is is to target specific part of a system, like the gimbal. Normally it's set to 1.

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