Can someone please help me read these logs and figure out what happened.  I am flying very close, maybe 75 feet away and for some unknown reason my tricopter switches to RTL and lands perfectly but I can't keep flying.  

I have disabled the battery failsafe and ground station failsafe.  I tried to read the logs and I see "err flight mode 5" and "error failsafe radio-1" on another log I see "error failsafe radio-0" and "error failsafe radio-1".

I use a frsky tx module with telemetry that beeps when I am near the end of my range and it never beeped also when this happened I was flying in my backyard which is only 75 feet away at the most so I'm a little confused.  Any help would be appreciated.

I am using an apm 2.6 with external compass and gps on a tricopter modeled after RCexplorers tricopter build.

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You can load your log files in Droneshare and it will do an automated analysis 

great thank you.  

Droneshare's log analysis tool is broken as of the date of this post...



I just checked the log, and ThrIn is at 0% when the drone goes into LAND with EV5,1. You have 0 stats reported by the GPS, so LAND is the only option.

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