Ok, I read through the wiki a dozen times.  I can't my ground and air radios to connect.  Is it necessary to connect the air radio to my laptop with a serial to TTL cable and save the settings to that radio before it can connect to the ground radio?

SOLVED- see my post on page 4.

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Thanks for all the help! I ended up running the 3dr config tool that was posted earlier. It looks identical to the GCS 3dr setup, but worked out fine for me. if you could let me know what joystick/telemetry/baud rate settings allow for you to have better fidelity and less lag with the joystick, i would really appreciate it. I don't have ECC enabled, and almost all of them are at 1 or 0, except for R/C, and it is still REALLY laggy and hard to control

I still can't get the radios to connect.  Here's a screenshot of my com settings and Mission Planner settings.  I don't see the settings for the air radio on MP.

I recently ran into a similar problem but I think my symptoms were a little different from what has been described here. I use a laptop for telemetry, but the battery isn't what it used to be so I bought a UPS for the field. Being the thorough geek that I am, I loaded the USB Battery drivers so that I could see the actual charge on the UPS unit. When I got to the field I was unable to use my telemetry despite getting green link lights on either side of my 915MHz links.

What seems to have happened it that the UPS battery loaded a driver that seemed to arbitrarily change and connect to any software based COM port driver. I couldn't just "close" the offending program, I had to go into services and manually shut down the service before I could connect to my telemetry links again.

I expect this type of behavior could easily happen with any other device that loads virtual serial drivers into your computer. Between UPS, Arduino units, USB-to-Serial adapters something could easily change your COM port settings or connect to your port effectively locking you out. Beware that you may not be actually connecting to the COM device you think you are.

Ok, so it looks like I need to get an FTDI cable then.

Solved the problem.  A friend of mine has the exact same 915 radios which he hasn't used yet.  I connected both his ground and air radios to my laptop and they connected right away.  I then connected his ground radio to my air radio and they connected no problem,  Lastly I connected my ground radio to his air radio and they did not connect.  So it looked like I had a problem/issue with my ground radio.

I then reconnected his ground and air radio to my laptop, loaded the settings, disconnected his ground and air radios, connected mine, saved the settings and la-te-da, they connected.  So it appears that my ground radio did not have the proper settings from the factory.  Here's a screenshot from my friends setup.  Completely different from mine.

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