Can't get channel6 tuning to work.Always return to 0 on refreshing

Hi, guys. I've just bought a APM 2.6 and loaded 3.2.1 firmware, quad x.

I tried to use Dave C''s PID tuning method. But encountered two problems.

first,I can't seem to set rate PIDs to zero, Is there a min limit on the PIDs? why? 

Also, I can't save the MAX and MIN value on Channel6 tuning. I input the values, they turn green; and I "Write", then "Refresh", but the MAX and MIN jump to 0.000. The APM was able to keep other setting values though. I tried with "rate P,I,D" and they all have this problem. 

After some googling, I realized this could be triggered by Gimble Settings, but the issue remained after I disabled the Gimble completely.

PLZ help!

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Some update on the problem. I find out that I'm only allowed to set TUNE_HIGH and TUNE_LOW to integers, and the value after the decimal points are just ignored, or rounded to the nearest integer. 

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