Cannot Connect APM Planner 1.1.93 mav 1.0 3DR 915MHz

Hi all,

My team has been working to set up a 3DR 915MHz telemetry kit for APM 2.0 with APM Planner 1.1.193 mav 1.0

We tested our 3DR using 3DR Radio Config. In addition to the telemetry being displayed in Radio Config, the green lights are both solid, indicating connection. When using Radio Config, both red lights blink, indicating data being sent and received. However, when we attempt to connect via APM Planner, the green lights become solid, but only the red light on the computer side blinks. The red light on our plane's 3DR remains off. The APM Planner says trying to connect then times out after 30 seconds.

We read in another post that setting all the telemetry rates to 1 may solve the issue. We attempted this with no success.

We were able to successfully connect to the APM Planner via USB. We are attempting to connect via 3DR using COM7 57600 which worked in 3DR Radio Config, but does not work in APM Planner.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


COCC Aerobotics Club

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Can you connect to both radio modules (ground and air) via USB (directly or using USB/UART converter/cable)?

Have you checked ALL parameters on both using AT commands (not 3DR radio Config tool)?

Are they the same?

Im having the exact same problem. Everything looks good hardware wise but no go in mission planner. Can't figure out the missing puzzle piece. Connecting from the usb not a problem. Using windows 7.

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