After being very successful with APM2.6 on quadcopter I had plan to try a plane with APM but unfortunately I have not been able to find/download the Firmware 3.3.0 (the last firm ware for plane) to be used on APM, while the Firmware 3.2.1, which is the last firmware for copter can be easily downloaded through here in the documentation:

The Firmware 3.2.1 is available in Zip format with the name as exactly shown here in blue. But when I try it for 3.3.0 through here, 

this takes me to the "Firmware site, path: /Plane" window, from where I select "stable" which takes me to another window from where I select "apm2" which takes me to another window where I have only two options to select i.e. "ArduPlane.hex" or "git-version.txt". I select the "ArduPilot.hex" and then end up with the following thing in the new window:

Now what the hell I am supposed to do with this?

Can someone please tell me that how can I get the firmware 3.3.0 the same way i.e. in simple Zip format?

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 I'm not sure if this is outdated but I would be willing to bet I'm NOT THE ONLY one who spent 8-10 Hrs.

in Two days trying to find firmware for my APM 2.6 and 2.5 both are Fixed wing versions.

This is how it's done:

Start here:

Search APMPlanner2.0. something or another, they vary and download this version for windows 64 bit.

Mine looked like this:

apm planner 2.0.26 win64.exe

Or which ever system you are operating on the list.

That's your mission planner.

Pick your aircraft and hit the "connect" icon in the top left of your monitor.

I plugged my Ardupilots in prior to downloading the mission planner but I'm not sure it's relevant.

Now, pick fixed wing and follow the prompts/warnings, etc.

The firmware will show up in the "initial" setup part.

The Mission Planner Icon looks like this below

When you open the APMPlanner 2 you will have the option of downloading firmware version 

3.2.0 based on your airframe type.

This would've saved me hours so I thought I'll share the info!



IT WORKS, I RAN IT ON 2 LAPTOPS running Windows 7 independently.

It works.

Rock n Roll and fly!!!


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