Hi everyone,

I'm new here, and I'm facing problems with my diY F450 quadcopter

My name is Greg, 42, French. Thanks for the help that can get here.

Here's the link to the kit I bought on aliexpress :


my RC is a Flysky FS-TH9x. the APM is 2.8, I haven't flashed anything so far in it, nor in the ESC's.

I built the kit and I did the accel calibration as well as a compass and RC calibration.

the compass works fine, although i don't know whether this is the one in the APM or the one with the GPS that is activated.

Didn't get so far any GPS signal but it seems fine since I haven't tried the quad outside yet.

the motor positions respect the quadcopter shema shown on the arudpilot tutos, and they're all turning in the good directions.

My present and consistent problem is that the ESC aren't synchronized.

First they don't start at the same time as I used the throttle channel (3) and they don't stop either at the same moment when i cut the Throttle. Instead, one of them is still running for some seconds as I cut the Throttle before stopping.

I did of course many calibrations of the accel or the rc, without any change.

I did the RC calibration and mission planner recognize the RC as I saw on many tutos.

I did the calibration with the RC, all-in-once, and then for each ESC directly linked to the RC, without any change.

I changed the RC speed from 490 to 300 but it hasn't changed anything.

Here are the results after the RC calibration for the 4 first channels :

CH1 : 1070 /1919

CH2: 1070/1919

CH3 : 984 / 1919

CH4 : 1073/1918

the 6, 7 , 8, 9  aren't used yet,

So I'm stuck with it right now.

Does anybody has any ideas for me ?

Thxs you for the help, and sorry for the english if I don't make myself clear.

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you get what you pay for ! you need to buy some proper ESC with compatible APM firmwear ! your RC radio needs to be calibrated as well !


thank you for your answer. Good to see one fellow here getting some interest for my problems.

I'm gonna try to flash my ESC with the SimonK firmware. Is that sound good to you ?

Concerning the radio I did many times the calibration, including in the RC itself.

Do you mean the results written above aren't correct ?

What should the good values according to you ?

Do you have some other specific points in mind ?

Thanks !

 SimonK firmware is not the correct firm wear for APM ! you may have issues you may not !

In mission planner have you calibrated the radio ? The APM documentation clearly says the correct values you must observe for a working RC radio this is the first step. You should not be asking what it is, it is in the documentation !

Ok thanks you. Pleaze don't get angry with my questions, I understand you are far more advanced on these subjects than I am, but don't be mistaken I've spent many times reading and learning stuffs so far.

I've seen many people using Simon K Firmwares on tutos, since it is dedicated to quadcopters. So I'm interested in your solution if proven to be better. Could you tell me what are the ESC you're talking about ?

Thanks you for the help.

blheli firmware works hobby wing oem firmware works here is a blheli 4 in 1 guaranteed to work with APM!

Thank you very much for this information. I will then look for some Blheli ESC, and if it doesn't work I'll use this very usefull 4 in 1 esc, a bit expensive for the moment.

I took time to look for the rc calibration doc and they say that the channels should between 1100 and 1900. So my throttle is low, although in the same text they show a calibration result with 990-2018 for channel 5.What gave you the information abour a wrong RC calibration ?

Thx a lot

your RC radio needs to be calibrated! Or it is not going to work .. your FC need to see proper signal form your RC radio.

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