Does anyone have a drawing or information on how to make your own adapter to hook a Canon camera up to the APM? Would like to make the one with two connections to the APM so I can trigger by distance as referenced in the tutorial.



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You will need a GenWIRE-USB2 cable..  I took mine apart to see what wire they used so I could make another myself but found a circuit board in there...    Doubt it something the average joe can figure out..  The cable is well worth the $50..

I also just got the GenWire-USB2.

I hacked my camera, got a script in there, found the CHDK Arduplane Guide...and I don't get it at all.

The guide is outdated, there is no "Servo" mode anymore, as far as I can tell. I did go into hardware and selected CH7 as Trigger, then set mode 10 on RC7_Mode. Is that the way to do it?

Where do I connect the GenWire? Do I have to use one of the 8 Outputs? I'm flying an octocopter, using all 8 outputs?

I just assumed that I could use one of the A-ports, like A08. But I find no reference on how to assign CH7 commands to a specific port. Or is it A07 by default?

Help please! :)


Magnus, Sweden

The guide is actually wrong!  (if not outdated)..

Oh man,,  you need a free channel..  You can use A10 or A11 but you will have to supply 5v dc externally to the USB cable.


Also, if you are thinking of taking apart the cable to see how to duplicate it like I did.. DON'T!  There is a small circuit board in there, they sanded the tops of the chips so you can't see what they used.. 

Where can I find a GenWIRE-USB2?

Thanks for the info, guys.   I have a couple of Genwires now so I'm able to get started.  Anyone had any success in setting this up yet?   As already mentioned,  the wiki is out of date...


I've gotten it to work nicely using a Turnigy 9x with DragonLink and removed the Pit Trim (AUX 2) pot and replaced with a 3 position switch.  You don't have to install a switch but then it would be difficult without to test your setup, calibrate your radio, etc..

Use this version:   It has a CameraGrid option under the Gridv2 in the context menu after you draw your polygon.. 

I setup mine on RC CH7, and defined it as my camera trigger for CAM_TRIGG_DIST

Thanks! Does the APM trigger the camera like it's supposed to? I don't want to trigger it manually, just want the APM to handle it all for me.

Thanks again,


Also, where do you plug in the second wire?

I don't use the second wire..

Yes, the APM will control the camera..  Just don't tick the checkbox for internal waypoints and it will draw a lawnmower pattern.  You won't see waypoints for CAM_TRIGG_DIST but if you setup a small pattern around your house, you can walk it and see the camera trigger.

CameraGrid will calculate the distance needed to obtain your define overlap and sidelap (based on your camera) and will trigger the shutter a specific distances.  Its MUCH better than waypoint triggers, and HUGELY better than intervalometer scripts..

Hi Dennis,

I connected the 3 pin GentWire to A10, and selected hardware and camera Gimbal, selected "RC10" for trigger.

Then in "Arducopter PIDs" i chose to have CH7 as Camera Trigger.

It worked! 

No messing with 5 volts or anything!

I'm having trouble with getting the second wire going though. Iv'e put it on my channel 8 in the reciever, and I'm running the Shoot and Zoom script from GentWire, but it's not working great. It seems random. In the camera, I can read "zoom in, channel 2 mid, channel 2 down, zoom in" etc. It does something, but I can't seem to control it. 

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