Does anyone have a drawing or information on how to make your own adapter to hook a Canon camera up to the APM? Would like to make the one with two connections to the APM so I can trigger by distance as referenced in the tutorial.



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Which wiki are you looking at Jimmy? This should be fairly upto speed let me know if not.


Thanks for posting this link. I've been following the instructions in the arducopter manual and didn't see this link. One confusing part for me is setting up the parameters in the "Configuring the CHDK cable" section. For the example it uses channel 7 and then in the Configuration -> Standard Parameters section it suggests setting Servo out function (RC7_FUNCTION) to Manual. A couple questions: First, where is the "manual" setting. I don' t see that in the drop-down list. Should I use "camera_trigger" instead? Second, Doesn't the RC7 refer to the A7 pins on the APM and not channel 7? Maybe these instructions are only for arduplane?

I have a quad and am trying to fire the shutter using CHDK remote. I have channel 7 set up to a two-way switch on my transmitter. I verified that channel 7 ("radio 7") is working using Radio Calibration  in the Mission Planner. I have my USB relay plugged into the A10 pins on the APM so I set Servoout function (RC10_FUNCTION) to "camera_trigger". I also set Ch7 Opt in the ArduCopterPids window to "Camera Trigger". When I flip the channel 7 switch up and down nothing happens. I know the relay works since when I connect the relay directly to the RC receiver it works fine. 
Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or point me in a direction for more information?


You want to go down to the "Advanced Settings" then scroll down to RC7..  You set it in manual mode so you can test the radio & camera.. If it works thru that, it till work thru the APM.  After you get it working you can set RC7 to camera_trigger so CAM_TRIGG_DIST will work..

Channel 7 is pin 7 on the output side of the APM.. 

You also have to make sure the CHDK script your using is matching the PWM values from your radio..

Thanks Dennis. I moved the relay cable to the #7 output as you suggested and now I can fire the camera using my transmitter toggle. A major accomplishment. I still can't find a way to set RC7 to manual but maybe that doesn't matter. 

I still can't seem to get CAM_TRIGG_DIST to work. Here's a somewhat length overview of my setup:

My remote switch consists of a relay ( connected to a remote USB cable I made. When I toggle the channel 7 switch the shutter is activated. 

Using Mission Planner I have channel 7 set up to a two-way switch on my transmitter. I verified that channel 7 ("radio 7") is working using Radio Calibration in the Mission Planner. I have my USB relay plugged into the Output #7 pins on my APM 2.5. I set the Shutter drop-down menu in the Optional Hardware => Camera Ginbal window to “RC7” which apparently sets the parameter “Servoout function (RC7_FUNCTION)” to "camera_trigger". I also set “Ch7 Opt” in the ArduCopterPids window to "Camera Trigger".

I just flew a test pattern created using Camera Grid using 20m for "Take a picture every [m]" (no interior waypoints) and no images were acquired. Is it possible CAM_TRIGG_DIST isn't on the Arducopter stable release?  I looked for the CAM_TRIGG_DIST parameter in the Mission Planner “Full Parameter List” but don't see it. It's listed on the ArduCopter Parameter List page ( Maybe the 20m distance between waypoints is too short?

Any advice to help me automatically acquire images using the “Camera Grid” option in the Mission Planner => Flight Plan?

magnus, a question? is the gentwire cable a simple conection between a futaba type conector and a usb2? Or have some kind of electric conection inside?

I want to know this so i can see if i can make one of my own?

I have no idea about the copter side (I just fly planes).. Hopefully someone else can help with that?

I´ve been working a hole day with this servo switch from 3d robotics. I bought it because i saw this guy using it in this video. So i started to look information about it, how is the setup, etc. I couldnt fin a thing, so i just saw the video over and over again, and well i put it together, and start playing with it.

On the other hand, my SX260 hs canon camera with chdk, trigger the script remotely when the usb port gets 5v and then 0v.

So i manage to get the switch do thath when i hit the rc control. I put it on my aileron channel and when i stick right, on my tester i read 5v and then a drop to 0. Afterwards i conect the cable to the camera and stick right again but the script wont start.

I saw that i needed to power through a ESC to get 5v flats. If i power with a battery directly, the output voltage varies from 6 to 5v...

Has anyone do this already??

I guess i´ll have to buy the gentwire cable, but in the meantime i need to make it work.

My setup video

Hi Dennis,

i connect canon usb to A09 pin and APM control the camera using Camm_trigg_dist.


1) in auto trigger by using CAM_TRIGG_DIST , do i need to install xxx.bas script to chdk? as per wiki said

2) in manual trigger, is that  correct  i just select option ch7 or ch8 to trigger shutter camera using any radio switch? any idea how is the setup.? how ch7 or ch8 send signal to A09 pin?


Hello, at the end I don't understand how to connecto the APM to the Canon camera using the USB cable.

How can I build it?

I saw that many people use the Gentwire cable (, but what is special about it?


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