Can't get lock with U blox GPS, am I missing something?

I'm trying to get GPS lock with my new U blox GPS. I'm using the default 1.7 software.
Labview works fine, but I don't get a blue light to indicate GPS lock, and of course no data.

I ordered the GPS from DIY and asked for it to be programmed for ardupilot.

I am using the lead that I had with my old 406.

I simply plugged the GPS to the mini board and connected the lead to the IMU.

What am I missing?

Oh, and yes I was outside when trying to get a lock.

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Check out your gps with Ucenter. Do a search here and there are a couple threads explaining how to do it. Possibly your ublox is faulty or misconfigured.
It will often take 15 minutes to get lock the first time. Make sure the antenna is pointed to the sky.

The default is uBlox but you might check the config settings in the code to make sure that was the case.

Finally, Doug is right that the GPS module may be misconfigured. Here's the tutorial to check and reconfigure it if necessary.
Thanks guys. I have it all hooked up right. Checked and doubld checked. The GPS is warm, so I know its getting power, but I can't communicate with it. I followed the tutorial but the binary console is blank, no flashing green lights and when I go to upgrade the firmware I get "checking communication link"

I've tried all baud rates also, just in case.

What next? I bought it from DIYdrones store BTW.
If the pins aren't bent in the connector (look closely to be sure), you may have a defective unit. In that case, please return it for a replacement.
Hi Chris,

But even if the pins were bent in the connector that wouldn't affect it while connected by the jumper cables would it?

Looks like it will be going back.
i've got the same problem with you!!!
our gps modules are warm or they are 'too warm'?
if you find out anything please let me know!!
and i you find that we've got burned gps modules please tell me
how can i communicate with the store to replace the module.
thanks for your time!!!!!!!!!
I'll post my opinion here... I think uBlox has so many problems it's not worth the money. I had to fight a lot with mine to make it work (even not very well). It keeps dropping GPS lock, takes ages to get a lock, the antenna is very fragile, etc.
So, I got back to my EM406 and I'm very happy with it. Even with 1Hz update it is far better than uBlox.

Leonardo thanks for your help,maybe i'll buy the em406 but i need to know if your u-blox
is heated.....some friends,using the chip of u-blox and say that is perfect!!!!!@@@@@#####
And one other,the em-406 works ok with the code of imu or you have to change something in the code???
of course i dont mean the "#define gps protocol 2" ???
thanks for yor time!!
thanks leonardo but i need to know if the ublox module is heated when you connect it with the imu!
the em-406 works ok with the code of the imu or you changed anything?
thanks for your time!
Well I got mine working!! Seems that when I put some heatshrink on the GPS to keep the daughterboard connected it must have tilted the plug slightly. I removed this and straightened the board and all seems to work.

I discovered that the GPS was running at 9600 though.So I flashed the firmware, installed the config for ardupilot and now I get a connection at 38400. All sees good. Now I have to see if I can get a lock outside.
Woohoo, I got a lock! And it works with the ardu IMU also.

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