Hey guys

After installing 2.4.1. I cant set my CAM_P_G or CAM_R_G over xbee.

I can change all the other pids no problem.

Its says CAM_P_G failed when i change and hit write parameters.

Any ideas?



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Yes, me and some other users. I've reported as an issue, but so far no fix for that, let's be a little patient and report again in a few days if not fix yet. :)


could u offer some help pl...

> Have been trying to get the pitch axis of cam to work faster...its toooo slow.....i have the apm2. As far as roll axis was concerned, to make it faster, by hit and try I  changed  CAM_R_REV to 4 and finally the roll axis became faster. So 1 was real slow,,, and 4 was fast... perfect.....
> But for pitch axis the same thing is not happening ... i tried making CAM_P_REV from 1 to 4 then 8, but it made no difference to speed... but affected the tilt angle... so made it 1 again so that cam would remain horizontal.... then i tried changing CAM_P_G from 1 to all values upto 20... nothing happened.... i also tried the same with CAM_P_DZ - nothing happened....
> Incidently... even at CAM_R_G changing values made no diff to the roll axis.
> where can i find out what exactly does DZ or G etc meant.
> Max Min Trim i can make out... no problem...
> The pitch axis is toooo slow... I am using AAS 780 MG servos..
> regards
> ramesh tahlan

Those parameters have been removed.

Please follow these instructions instead:


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