Capturing different wavelengths with a Canon it possible?


I'm looking to map eel-grass with my UAS, but need to be able to capture certain wavelengths to differentiate between it and other flora.  I know RGB camera would likely be best, but aren't they expensive and best used in a stationary position?  Is there a way to take multispectral images with a Canon (with CHDK) and either preset desired wavelength or filter out the desired wavelengths after the pictures have been captured?  My only other thought is to use a regular camera and put a filter over the lens (do multiple runs if more than one wavelength is desired, then overlay them); is this possible?


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Hi Josh - 

Take a look at the Public Labs website in the Research Notes section. There are a lot of people there working on different cameras for capturing RGB and near-IR imagery. Here are some links:

Good luck,


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