Is there anyone out there making really high-quality large-scale carbon fiber wings for UAVs? Greater than 2.5 meters? The RC soaring community has embraced the idea of carbon fiber spar tubes and structures for some time now, much like the Insitu Scan Eagle. Most hobbyists seem to have problems making accurate enough molds for such a design, probably requiring 3D printing technology or other high start-up costs combined with limited markets. If we ever want to really get our flight endurance up to any higher levels than we are presently seeing it is probably going to come from this type of technology. Any good sources out there?

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We understand you issues as outlined. It is an age old compromise.Although we are not doing Solar - the wing configuration you have outline is very close to ours. We went with a hot-wire foam core, ultra-thin graphite skin and a composite tubular spar(s), for strength a easy alignment/connection to the fuselage.

Our critera was to create the lowest cost airframe possible -- using simple manufacturing techniques and  fairly low-cost materials. Although graphited is not cheap -- it is a compromise between structural integrity and cost. We are taking 20 airframes to the Indian Ocean, with the ship 'Sea Scorpion' for a reality TV show called: Pirate Hunters. The UAV's have a wing and fuselage design that accommodates water landings. These drones are considered expendable. Their mission is to fly high--fly far -- and bring back HD video imagery of pirates from ranges of 50-75 miles. We are using modified two cylinder 4cyl. engines with electric start/generator combinations. There is NoS & an electric powered supercharger for very high altitude operation.

The airframe is noting more than a box with constant cord wings. The tail is a downward pointing V on a single composite tube. It is a pusher prop configuration with an in-house built constant speed/variable pitch prop with electric DC gear-head motor in the hub.

Good Luck

C.P. Ryan



hope it help you and if you decide to start a wing forming le us know will giv you som tips for a cheap vac forming prosses

and soon as the fuselag is finish will start the wings and il send you som pic of the all prosses


not the figur is to show ar hown desing witch we know not everybudy will agree on bu we dont care it works for us lol, i m franche canadien so plz forgive my orthograph :)


i rely like you desing and goal cus ar is at sommes point similar it emplement space engeener micro cv film

and the lightest battery on the markuet, stream ling fuselag and a inverted v tail pusher 18/12 tree blader props to a conposit of motor parts put together from difrent companies( budegt reasson) 7000RPM max inruner geard box the wings is realy sinilar to a glider, however we decided to implement a 30, 4 stroke with EIS on gassolin to a generator as a fail safe system for the TLK=5 days ( hight turbitude atmospher) but the prop sys is soly solar, camera and pilot system and telemetry, it will weight around 14.5 pound empty fo a 148 in wing span ar goal is to cover the 400k as inted for a long range flight, will it work ? all the gather data from ar test is very good so we remain enthousiaste and keep on workin hard an spend time and mony knowing that it might had to be redising we alredy hade all ar reward by all the sucesful test so the rest is extra reward for us


We are in the research phase of using carbon fiber wings for UAVs in the 8 foot length or greater than 2.5 meters.  These wings have carbon fiber spar tubes integrated to a D Leading edge, reinforced with composite ribs which increase strength toward wing root.  Development, so far, is slow.  Wing strength design handles 20G's + or - without regard to fuse to achieve max strength and stiffness to weight.  Its sorta like bridge construction.  The Trailing edge wing section is also reinforced to maintain dynamic performance.  Further, we are also exploring high alpha flight configuration and not stall the botmite aircraft. 

I have a skywalker 1900 fpv which I use for mapping. Could you make me a 1900mm carbon wing to the same specs. The standard wingg is attached to the fuselage with bungee cord.

I am interested. can you please email me?

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