Because of some problems with the SBus upgrade, I decided to completely wipe out and start over on my 2.6.  When going out for first test flight tonight, I was really pleased with how well it took off and hovered!  Actually even better than before when using the parameters which I had spent some time tuning.  So stabilize mode was great, a little more aggressive in the rates than I like or remember them being before the rebuild, but just fine for a first flight.

     The first time I put it in to loiter it was only about ten feet off the ground and right over the initialization point.  It seemed to be fine although I only left it on for a second.  After climbing and moving a ways away, I tried loiter again and it took off to the north VERY fast, i switched to stabilize, brought it back closer, then went to RTL mode, and same thing!  It was booking it away.  I barely managed to figure out the orientation enough to bring it back home, but I did manage to bring it back and land safely.  

     What are the possible causes of this?  I just want to get some input before I go out and try again.  A couple of things that I did fix already were the compass orientation, it was configured as an internal compass when actually needs to be external with a 180 roll.  That and then I also adjusted the declination based on the provided declination website on mission planner.  Do you guys think that this was my only problem?  Or does it sound like something else?  Thanks for any advice.

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If your compass was out by 180 roll, then yes, this would screw up any auto functions.

Compass is one of the most important, sensitive and troublesome sensors on the aircraft.

Make sure it is calibrated and check the orientation in your GCS is correct.

When you have issues posting a log file from the flight controller and details about your hardware will enable people to help much more easily.

Thank you so much for your info. I don't know why i forgot to post the log files because that was basically the whole point of posting... LoL. Anyways, thank you and I will test again in just a little while and then report back. As a side note, can anyone tell me why the log files all show up as, something like, 12-31-1969....? Whatever the date is exactly i forget, but it is in the year 1969 and they are always all the same. This is when I am looking at them under the "download flash logs mavlink" tab, once they have been downloaded, they show correctly mostly.
Any ideas?

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