Hi there everyone, I'm currently working on a Pixhawk Flight Controller for my Master's Degree Thesis and i would like to know the steps that are necessary to read an analog sensor from ADC 3.3V port. I have been reading post's on DIY Drones community and i have already read the Dev. page on Ardupilot page several times.

My 1 million dollar question is:

1) Do i need to create new libraries and new parameters and add them to the main ArduPlane code in order to read the analog inputs?

Any help you could give me is helpfull.

Thanks so much in advance.

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Thanks for you reply Andy. Besides this, i still don't know where to begin. I want to read a load cell output in the ADC 3.3V UART in Pixhawk. Should i just declare a bunch of variables in the parameters.cpp and then create a function in sensors.cpp to read this voltage output? Thanks

I would suggest that a good way to begin is to try to get the example working.


EDIT: On second thoughts that example says its Linux Only .. Ooops . I will see if it is possible to get this running on px4.. meanwhile I would try installing the toolchain as that is usually the tricky part

To get the example working the hard part is usually to download and install the toolchain ...


and get it all working and, build the example and then upload it and run it on your Px4 board. Those are the complicated steps and will need perseverance, but once you have achieved it with that simple example , the steps to build and then customize the complete flight controller application are much the same.

Much more clear now Andy. Thanks so much :D

Hi Miguel. See my edit. I will see if I can get this example working on PX4

Ok Andy. Thanks again.

The following analog-in example should work...


though until the patch gets accepted you will need to modify the make.inc file as in the patch here


Sorry Pedro. Cant get that to build either at the moment Not great !

I will try this. As soon as i have news i let you know. Thanks

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