Hi to all.

I'm flying copters over 3 years. Had OpenPilot, Multiwii, and ported to STM32 multiwii.

This time i've started new project with arducopter.

I've called it Gerris.

I've had plan to use AIO, but I didn't like it and changed plan to use APM.

It's almost ready. Only need to cut motor cables and need to setup APM.

But, I have some small problem, which stopped my progress.

I have JR PCM9X radio with FRSKY. I'm planing use RX with enabled CPPM. But with this combination is one small problem with channel order.

So my question is. How to change channel mapping in APM ?

I've tried changing modes in JR (1,2,3,4) but without success.

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Hi Bartek, I had the same issue. You can alter the code and download to your amp via arduino ide. My discussion is here


There is a channel mapping function coming out I think in the next release or so.

If you choose to alter the code (which is only swapping a couple of numbers around) if you are on 2.9.1 you will only have to do as suggested by Randy in the link above. If you are on 3.0.1 you also have to swap 2 other numbers as mentioned around page 140 ish of the 3.0.1 release discussion. I fly mode 1 but have to set the tx to mode 2 for it to work for me.
Page 142 of 3.0.1 release discussion.

Hi Alex,

thanks for feedback :)

I'm going to use 3.01. 


changed in radio.pde:

to ...

But i also want to swap channels 5 and 7, because channel 7 in my radio is 3 postion switch (im using it as flight Mode). Channel 5 for now is two position switch.
It will be ok to swap channels 5 & 7 :




So to day wasn't best day for me.

Idea with changing modes and still using another one isn't safest.

I've checked almost everything before first flight. I'm always cautious.

GPS, prop directions, calibrated ESC's. almost everything.

But today midday wasn't good for me. 

started motors tried to lift and I saw that pitch is reversed.

Landed, went to menu and i didn't think about that that I didn't really flying in mode 2.

Changed direction of pitch...

quad rapidly started...

after 2 hours a had 4 stitches and few stitches on joint capsule.

Doctor said that i left on field small piece of cartilage, he said that i will have problems with joint in my finger.

Thanks to Good that I didn't left on field my finger or something worst... quad had carbon propellers - they are fine...

So, it will be possible to fully remap channels without changing modes in radio. Now i know that's very dangerous.


has anyone idea how to remap all channels in code ?

Changing order in this code (in radio.pde) will be enough ?






    Crap.  I'm really sorry to hear about your injury.  That looks bad.

    The advice from alex on how to change the channel mapping in the code looks correct to me.  In AC3.1 (now available in the beta downloads area) it is possible to remap channels 1,2,3,4 using the RCMAP_ parameters although I haven't tested it yet myself.

Thanks Randy.

My finger is almost well. 

I'm now using 3.1 RC1 and changed through RCMAP. But still problem with 5 channel. 

Are you thinking about full remapping all 8 channels ?

This could be very helpful option.

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