channel reversal no longer available in planner- Rudder reversed & stranded

How would i get it back to default? is there some way to edit the code within the planner without having to fool with source?

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For safety, we no longer allow software reversing in ArduCopter, since it can lead to unpredictable results in some modes. Instead, you should reverse channels at your RC Transmitter side. 

It will not acknowledge a vestigial setting left in there from before then? Or has that variable been totally removed? Reason i ask is that my dx6i is set to normal, yet is now effectively reversed.

You can just go through the RC config again, but if you want to be extra sure, check the Advanced Conf window and you can see the settings (like this):

Ahhhh Thank you Chris- THat is what i needed to know, as well as the Var name. Thanks again!

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