Hi, this week i´ve been doing some aerial photography, with my skywalker, canon camera and CHDK script.

More specifically, im using the Canon SX260 HS powershoot hacked with the intervalometer from dronemapper guys. I detect that this script wont work totally well if you speceify a photo interval of under 3 seconds. This is because the camera just cant shoot in continous mode under 3 seconds at a time.

So i posting this as a head up.

PS: If you specify, in the parameters, a interval of, let say, 2 second. The camera will take shoots continously, yes, but the script will never end and the lens wont colapse. wich is a bad thing because it can be hit or something can occur to the lens mechanics.

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You don't need that version any more.. the latest MP 1.3.5 has Survey Grid built in..

I am working on a LUA script for the APM which will extend, trigger and retract the camera lens..  You will have to put in some DO_SET_SERVO's to send the proper PWM values though..  I will be testing this weekend..

Hi Ben, did you find out what bit mask is required to log CAM messages?

Andy, this is not entirely truth, because if you set the focus on manual, you can get flat 2 seconds per frame. I´ve done some testing on this with a stopwatch

@Andreas, Thanks for updating me, looks like some more tweaking is needed. Cheers, Andy

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