CineStar 2 Axis Gimbal

I am interested in buying and Cinestar 2 Axis Gimbal.

Does anybody have experience in using this gimbal with APM2 or APM2.5?


Without using the Radian Stabilization modules?




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  • I'm also building the rusty seismic gimbal using 7940TH and 7955TH. I will use it with APM2.5.

  • Not a CineStar but pretty interesting nonetheless:

    You can see how he rewinds the motors here:

  • Developer

    I have the Cinestar 2x, and it's great. The simplicity is what makes it so good. And properly setup it is totally slop free. But the mechanical setup is the easy part. Tuning the stabilization to get it just so, can be A LOT of work.

    And regarding price, before I got the Cinestar I probably spent more money trying to save money buying cheap gimbals that never did the job. And now with the RCTimer clone at half the price, it's a no brainer.

  • I looked at it for a little bit before going with a different gimbal but it should work with the APM just fine. Do you have specific concerns about it?

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