I am interested in buying and Cinestar 2 Axis Gimbal.

Does anybody have experience in using this gimbal with APM2 or APM2.5?


Without using the Radian Stabilization modules?




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Not a CineStar but pretty interesting nonetheless:

You can see how he rewinds the motors here:

Hi John,

Please confirm if you are using just the APM2.0 or APM2.5 to stabilize the gimbal (no radian stabilizing modules)?



Sorry, I was talking about the Cinestar specifically and have not used it together with APM. I am using the old school 3x Futaba 401 gyro setup at the moment.

I have the RCTimer APM kit and the radio set has the real 3DR logo under the RCTimer plate that was glued on.  My guess is they used the same supplier from the real deal until the production was shifted to Mexico.  

Of course, if it's the real product then RCTimer might just be getting the QC rejects for cheap.

I'm also building the rusty seismic gimbal using 7940TH and 7955TH. I will use it with APM2.5.

I am using the APM 2.0 and Cinestar servo, and roll pot and cannot get the toll to stop oscillating with the Mission Planner configurations, any ideas......Don
I am using the Cinestar with the APM 2.0 and have tried the 2.5 as well, connecting the servos to 10 & 11 on the APM. The pitch works wonderful, however the roll just wants to oscillate, bad enough that I cannot fly with it. It oscillates about 5 cps/htz and will not stop. Tried a Futaba 9254 rudder servo, same thing. Tried a slower analog servo and it works fair, but doesn't keep up in flight, but no oscillations, swapped servos, pots, changed setting in MP, still no help, any ideas.


After reading your post, I went and bought the Freefly 360 servos to put on my new Rusty's gimbal for both tilt and roll. I just cannot make them work. APM does not support infinite servos. Even when I connect the tilt pot to the servo, it keeps turning continuously. I'm just stuck with these 2 servos and about to buy regular hitec servos to make it work... Unless somebody can help me, I would really appreciate...


I have that same setup, it will work, I am using it with the APM 2.0 and 2.5. I had a problem with my roll oscillating, the pot I got from Quadrocopter was bad, I replaced with just a Radio Shack 5K pot, you do not need a 360 pot in the roll channel, only the pitch.......

Thanks Don for your quick answer and I really need your help on this one ! I've spent the last 3 days trying to make it work with no result and it's starting to make me crazy !

1- For the tilt : I connected the freefly servo to the APM and the other cable to the pot that comes with Rusty's gimbal (PEC Rev4 5K). When I put the pot in its neutral position, the servo stops spinning continuously and starts acting like it should. But as soon as the pot gets out of its neutral position, the servo keeps running continuously 360 degrees. 

2- For the roll : when plugged to the APM, the servo starts running continuously. I just ordered a 5k resistor from Quadrocopter and I hope this will help. 

Can you please let me know how you setup your 2 freefly servos ? What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance !

It sounds like your tilt is reversed, go into MP and change the reverse box, check or uncheck, see what that does.

Roll, is the servo using the internal pot, or do you have an external pot........

I assume you are using the APM 2 or 2.5, shouldn't make any difference. Make sure you have the signal and ground connected to 10 roll & 11 pitch.

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