I am interested in buying and Cinestar 2 Axis Gimbal.

Does anybody have experience in using this gimbal with APM2 or APM2.5?


Without using the Radian Stabilization modules?




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Another question, are you using the pots for the roll and pitch, with those servos, you need both pots as there are no pots in those servos. You don't need their pots, but for the pitch it is good as you have many more options with the camera mount, let me know, have to leave pretty soon and can respond later, I am in the USA.........Don

Thanks Don.I will try to reverse the tilt and see what happens. I think I already tried without any luck.

The roll is not using any pot yet, that's why I ordered the 5.5k resistor and that explains the continuous rotation I'm experiencing. I guess the Freefly servos have been modified and the internal pot has been removed / disconnected. Are you using a roll pot on Rusty's gimbal ?

And yes, I'm using APM2.5 and have them connected to #10 and #11. 

I'm actually using my own, it's identical to the Cinestar 2 axis, functioality should be the same...........Don

Can the APM2x gimbal ports (9 or 10) efficiently drive a 400hz class digital server as I have my doubts.   When I tried APM2.5 (v2.9.1) the servo response was very slow, always trying to catchup, even after changing the gimbal gain and angle settings the lag remained and after there was a twitch or glitch as the servo tried to catchup.  Is this because the APM2x can only manage 50hz refresh rate?  I compared response times with my old crius multiwii board (v2.2 with 375hz refresh) and found this outperformed APM2.  Perhaps there's a settingI've missed in the mission planner or in the source code?   Does anyone know how to get the best results using APM2x gimbal and digital servos?

If you have spare outputs on CH7 and CH8 use them as they are at 490Hz. CH10 & CH11 are at 50Hz. It maybe configurable in code but I haven't looked.

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