I was out playing around with "Circle mode" the other day and noticed that circle will stop the helicopter in it's tracks and point east for some reason. I love the fact that it's holding a position cause I was unable to do so with "Loiter". I thought that Loiter is position hold, am I way off? My main goal is to have the helicopter stop and sit at any given point, in the sky even when the wind is blowing.

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    I think you might be the first person to try circle mode with the helictoper at least in real life (i've tried it in the simulator).

    circle mode is implemented in a pretty simple way.  it just drags the target location around in a circle and hopes that the regular loiter controller manages to achieve that.  at the same time the yaw controller independently points the nose at the target location.  So it sounds like in this case your copter was unable to reach the target which ws to the east.  my wild guess is that your loiter I terms are too low.

Interesting I thought it was setting waypoints, not loiter points?  Does it wait for the copter to actually reach the target before moving it again, or does it just keep moving it at a steady rate?

I have my I gain set at .010 I will try turning it up a bit. Do you have any suggestions on where the I gain should be for a 90 size machine? My main goal is to have this thing just sit in one place even if it's a windy day..

From my understanding Loiter should keep hold a position in the sky even with wind?

One thing to add I noticed a GPS lock setting under the advanced tab I had it turned off. If I am reading this correctly then, by having it on the helicopter will hold a position?

I suggest trying Circle it's pretty funny to watch plus if you give it a slight forward input the helicopter will continue to try and track that target.

No, it just blindly keeps moving the target and hopes it keeps up.

I can't remeber if it's waypoint or loiter points..i thought it was loiter points..

Yes, Loiter should hold it, even in wind. ;)

 Here are my helicopter PID's. Tomorrow I will try turning up my Rate Loiter I gain. Should I also turn up my Nav WP PID's to help with Loiter?

No, I don't think the Nav params help Loiter.

If you have a Ublox, you should consider using Loiter Rate P= 5 to 8.  8 can get a little busy.

Wait, what is your loiter speed?  That looks really low!  I think it's supposed to be 0.2 or something.

Yes I have a Ublox but I guess I am not track what you are saying. P=5? to 8.  8?

Also I will crank up the loiter speed tomorrow.

Gotta hand it to you Lefebvre you are awesome!

Ok, I just checked, the default for Loiter Speed P is 0.2, so that will hurt you a bit having it at 0.05.  This does not control how hard it tries to hold the position, but it does control how fast it tries to return when it has been pushed off the target.

The other thing is Loiter Rate P, you have it at 3, you should try 5, up to 8.  8 makes it very busy, but it holds hard.

Another thing I'm wanting to try is leaving Loiter Rate P low, like 3, but *greatly* increase Loiter Rate I, maybe even all the way up to 1.  Maybe even more...  I have not yet tried this myself.

Hey guys , I need a used helicopter with gps, autopilot , stabilizer , remote control 10 km , payload 5-10kg . 

Please send me all the offers at gikson792@gmail.com

What are you trying to accomplish?

I don't think anybody around here has a heli with a payload that high.  That's quite a lot.  Well, 5kg isn't too bad, but 10kg is a lot.  Probably need an 800 size or bigger for that.

It sounds to me like you're a beginner at helis, looking to buy your way into to something quite complicated and high performance.  Heli's don't really lend themselves to this type of thing.  You have to work your way up.

 Are those setting using 2.9?

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