Hello all,

I've been working with UgCS for a few weeks now, running SITLs and emulators in an array of made up missions for some thesis work.  There is plenty of potential with this software, especially using multiple SITL configurations for ardupilot uses.

I've enjoyed the multi-vehicle support as well as the 3D interface, however the Circle tool is not as intuitive as I'd hoped.  I understand that it calculates various points around the circle as waypoints and the aircraft flies those points.  However,  I've used Mission Planner before and the loiter tool in that software is much more convenient and doesn't eat up waypoints in the autopilot.  It also prevents constants shifts in the bank angle of the aircraft as it flies the circle.  Maybe I'm missing something, but if there is a way to do a radius loiter with an aircraft in UgCS, please let me know.  If not, it would be a great addition to the software.


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Hello Corey,

I am glad you like our software so far.

Regarding circle tool, TBH I am not personally familiar with loiter tool in Mission Planner, only Loiter flight mode.

I did not clearly understand what is the functionality you would like to see in the "radius loiter" tool? Could you also provide a use case for this?

If you wish to just circle some point without the vehicle to turn heading to the center, you can add Yaw action with 0* to the Circle tool.

Kind regards,


Artus, thanks for the tip, that definitely helps smooth out the turns with the emulator.  

For the circle tool, let me try to explain it a little better.  The specific situation I am using is a Linux based SITL, running and adrupilot/ArduPlane model.  I'm connecting via TCP from UgCS over a local network via 192.168.1.###:5762 using an edited vsm-ardupilot.conf file based on guidance here: https://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/how-to-configure-and-use-ardup....  I successfully display the aircraft at the location of choice and all is well using the 3DR Aero profile.

Here is where the circle tool comes into play.  I have attached a screen shot of what a generated circle looks like in my UgCS mission.  With this circle, I have 20+ waypoints calculated that become part of the mission plan and I upload to the SITL.  I do not have the option to set the yaw action to zero using the 3DR Aero profile in the circle tool.  This seems to be specific to the 3DR Aero profile, since it is present with the emulators.  

Once I upload this mission plan, arm, and begin flying, the aircraft will get to the circle and follows the straight lines between the waypoints as indicated, instead of smoothing the circle at a constant bank angle.  This results in a sudden roll at each waypoint, resulting in a jerky flight motion.  I believe this may be due to the lack of a yaw action with the 3DR profile, or in the way the autopilot treats the waypoints.  

Conversely, if you're familiar with Mission Planner's Loiter flight mode, you set a central waypoint with some loiter radius and the autopilot will automatically fly a smooth circle at a consistent bank angle around that point either for a set number of laps or a defined time.  I also appears to treat this point as one waypoint as opposed to a calculated number around a circle.  The 2 screenshots of MP illustrate the planned waypoint, the SITL flying those waypoints, and the smooth track of the aircraft.  I can generate the telemetry log from the flight if you want to view the consistent bank angle in that turn.

In regard to the lack of memory, I corrected this issue by editing the 3DR profile to expand the memory to a generous number of waypoints, so the full mission plan will upload.  So no problems there.

Thanks for your help!



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