I found this blog and links to code last night, and you guys have been really busy!

I'd like to reuse the IMU code in a sample application for reading MotionPlus/Numchuck boards connected via I2C to PC's VGA port (ala 25 cent I2C adapter project), and would like some clarification on the license.


Google code page says GPL-V3, but 'ArduIMUV2_DCM_V10.pde' says "// Released under Creative Commons License".

I'd be happy to release either, but am a bit pedantic... ;-)

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Erk, good point. We've been inconsistent. Let me talk to the team and we'll decide and revise the code and sites to reflect that.

All our code is released under the LGPL, and all the hardware schematics and documentation is released under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0. We'll try to edit all the appropriate source files to reflect this, but for now our Google Code repositories are all updated to be consistent on that.

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