Common power supply to uBlox GPS/Compass?

Based on some advice I've read, I've decided to run shielded CAT 6 cable to my GPS/Compass, which is mounted out on the wing of my Skyhunter.
I'm setting up a Pixhawk and 3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6 with Compass.  Since there's a 6 pin GPS connection and a 4 pin compass connection, I'm 2 wires short in the 8 wire CAT 6.  From what i can tell, both items run off 5V so I was hoping to commonise the power and ground between the compass and GPS.  
I checked for continuity of power and ground and it exists at the Pixhwak ports, but power is not connected at the GPS.
Haven't had any luck searching for this specific info and don't want to break anything experimenting.
So my questions:
Firstly, am i wasting my time running shielded cable?
Is it possible to run GPS/Compass power together?
Is there any issues with this setup (will i break anything)?

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If they are both 5 volts there is no reason why they can't share power and ground wires. Even if they were different voltages you could share ground. But you really don't need to share anything because GPS only needs 4 wires, not 6. GPS only need +5, Grd, Rx, Tx.
Shielded cable is a good idea. There is no way to know if you actually needed shielded cable without experimentation, but it certainly eliminates some variables. I remove the heavy outer insulation and heat shrink every 4 inches or so to keep the braided shield from fraying.
Thanks iskess. Appreciate the advice.

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