Dear all,

I would like to communicate my APM2 with MATLAB using USB.

Basically, I would like to send the raw data of the accelerometer, gyros, and the magnetometer to MATLAB for advanced processing.

What is the right code to write on the APM as well as on MATLAB for the communication to work as perfect as possible with the minimal packets loss, if none at all ?!

I really need your help to get this done as soon as possible!


EDIT:  Oct 31st, 2015

SOLUTION is here,

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Mission Planner supports MATLab export:

Thanks Chris. That was intended to be in real-time, to test some kalman filtering, and it was done. I am aware of the offline export of data flash logs.

Thank you.

Hi Zahana, I am working on a similar project which involves accessing the IMU data in real-time and processing it in Matlab. I am very interested in how you have done it. Do you mind send me your work to my email? My email is Thank you very much.

Can you please send me the code on

Can i have some code?

I would like to take a look as well, could I?

Hi all,

I am doing some polish to the code and then I will post it on Mathworks File exchange. I will put a link here.

Hi, can I also have the code osbihat@hotma

Hi everyone !!

It's been ages since I worked with APM. Currently I use Pixhawk/PX4 in my research work, and I use PX4 Firmware, not Ardupilot firmware. I have just finished writing and testing a Matlab interface called MatMav 1.0 that allows one to monitor/command Pixhawk/PX4 loaded with PX4 Firmware. I will share a test version, not the full one, on my MATLAB, profile in FileExchange. I will pos the link here too, once uploaded.

Here are some videos during the development stage of MatMav 1.0






The test version location is currently moved to this post,

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