I uploaded 3.0 rc1 firmware to test it on my copter(s).

I'm trying to calibrate my compass with live method as showned in Marco Robustini's video and I tried many times the 'compass dance'  :-) , but I only get this error mesage : 'log does not contain enough data'.

I use APC 220 to telemetry link. Could this be the reason of my problem ?

Thank's for ideas !


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I have been finding some odd behavior with the compass in rc1 as well, I updated from 2.9.1 and did not think about re-calibrating and my hex flew great on a perfectly still night. Then on a flight the next day I found the compass seemed to drift mid-flight, at least I believe that to be the problem as the symptom was my copter randomly adjusting it's yaw slightly, and the simple mode shifting it's center. ie what was straight up is shifted several degrees to the right.

The worst example of it resulted in almost 45 degrees difference.

The odd thing is, it only seems to be an issue when there is wind.

did anyone find a solution for this I have the same problem....

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