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Just a quick question, I have performed a live calibration on the compass and consistantly get around -170, -50, 50. I know in the wiki, it says to aim for < +/-150. My question is how can I reduce this? I have tried relocating the apm (internal compass) however I continue to get the same results. I managed to get the compassmot down to 16% (from over 400%!) however the calibration offsets don't seem to change. Will this have any negative affects?




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I have the same issue ? Did you resolve this >?

Not as yet. I have just been flying in stabilise and alt hold for now. Once I get some more flights up I will be trying some of the other modes and I guess will find out if this causes any adverse affects

Mine is up around there and it Loiters and flys waypoints fine. 

People seem to get far too hung up on the numbers around here and forget to just go and try it out.

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