I was just scanning through my Full Parameter List and noticed this parameter set to 0 but the instructions seem to say it should be set to 1. I have the external 3dr GPS/Mag connected to APM2.6. 2 cables going to it. I haven't haven't noticed any problems so wondering what problems there would be with it set to 0 with externally connected mag.

COMPASS_EXTERNAL (should this be set to 1 or 0?)

Compass is attached via an external cable - Configure compass so it is attached externally. This is auto-detected on PX4 and Pixhawk, but must be set correctly on an APM2. Set to 1 if the compass is externally connected. When externally connected the COMPASS_ORIENT option operates independently of the AHRS_ORIENTATION board orientation option

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Any idea why my external compass works with this set to 0? I'm using APM 2.6 with 3dr mag/compass. I configured it via the INITIAL SETUP / Compass page but for some reason it sets COMPASS_EXTERNAL to 0 in full parameter list. Heading seems to work fine and I'm sure there isn't an internal compass on APM2.6. 

Here it says you have to set it manually on APM2.x


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