trying my first flights I always ended in trees or wheat fields.

(Copter recovered every time)

Some times it flew good and respond well, even to my RTL test.

But suddenly during my "lessons" there where some flyaway attempts (had to shut down and do a controlled newbie crash) or no response in simple nor super-simple mode.

I think I found the problem:

Way TOO high interference.

But how to reduce that?

Should I rebuild the copter ??

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Which APM are you using ?

Which GPS unit ?

Did you do a "compassmot" ?

If you have a compass with built in magnetometer, it is way too close to electronics, and doesn't appear to be solidly mounted.

That is why the later stuff have the GPS/Mag on a pedestal....


Hi thanX for writing.

You see (pic) the UBlox Lea  GPS on the left side in the little box. I use a 3DR APM2.5 where the compass, magnetometer etc is on the APM board. I thought the ferrite rings would help, but they did't.

I'll install a little "mumetal" shield over the PDB and test on the bench.

And/or relocate the APM itself.

I'll search, read and educate myself on what compassmot is. Thank you :)

With two pieces of thin (0.10mm) MuMetal the ""compass_mot"" is now in a good bandwith.

One over the PDB, the other under the APM 2.5 plastic shell.

Have to deal with remaining vibrations.....................

Now I'm wondering if the shielding with MuMetal I did could cause problems with the compass ??

Bernado,   MuMetal is magnetic.    Aluminum shielding is not magnetic.

>_< jaa  ... thank you :)

Just tested that with a magnet after reading your post.

So it is better I put a thin sheet of aluminum over the area where the PDB is (?)

Can this be a shield to  the interference without bias'ing the on board compass?

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