Compiling ArduRover 2.30 alpha (from GIT or .zip file in forum) in Arduino IDE

Hell everyone - 

I'm sure my Arduino IDE needs some libraries added to its system files before I can expect to compile this successfully - I'd like to flash with the .hex file from Mission Planner, but can't seem to get the firmware to compile - with no modifications whatsoever.

Can anyone point me to the right instructions or files to put in the IDE folders to get this compiling?



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Hi Anthony,

The way that I complile the Ardurover code is to create an Ardurover file with the Ardurover2 and library files in it. I then use the preferences in the IDE to set the sketch path to the Ardurover file that has the two files in it. You will have to restart the IDE for the path change to take effect. I then make sure that I have the correct processor chosen before I hit the compile button. I have never tried to load the compiled hex code into the MP directory for it to up load to the APM. I usually do it with the IDE. Hope this helps.



When you say
"The way that I complile the Ardurover code is to create an Ardurover file with the Ardurover2 and library files in it."

Do you mean you copy all the ardurover code into a folder with a copy of all of the libraries for the IDE, and then change the path to that? What version of the IDE are you using? I've tried 1.02, 1.01, and 0023.


Create an ArduRover file and put the in it. Unzip the zip file and you will have two files: Ardurover2 and library. Point the IDE sketch path to the ArduRover file and restart the IDE. Then use the sketch command to point to the ArduRover file. The IDE will load the Ardurover2 into the IDE window. Then you can use the Compile command to compile the code. I have used both 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 to compile the code and they work fine. Have you made sure that you have selected the 2560 in the Tool Tab? Hope this helps.



Thanks so much - that got it working! Now to dig in and see if I can figure out where to add in differential steering (or if I'll have to do it on a secondary Arduino)


Glad to be of help. Hope that all goes well for you.





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