My steps


1- Connect RC channels

2- Connect USB and Configurator make Transmitter Calibration

3- Remove USB

4- Connect ESC cables to APM

5- Connect Lipo

6- Sound looks good and lights look ok.

7- Could change with mode GPS hold and could change to acrobatic to stable.

8- th Lower right change the light blinks [ acro mode fast and stable mode slow ] but motors did not move ?

9- Connect USB and configurator, and Motors work ?


Where i did a mistake ?


Futaba r607fs

Mystry 30a esc

indoor , gps not fixed




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I try but i failed. Because Mystery Esc's will enter setup mode when powered in full th. When i wait for beep's its enter to setup mode and lower the stick will activate brake mode.
Is this an official ArduCopter kit? If not, you'll have to find the instructions for your ESCs to find out how to calibrate them.

It's not official kit. And ESC manual has no information about calibrating :(

I try CLI mode too, at cli mode esc's will setup mode again :(



did you arm your engines?  look for "Arming the Motors" on this wiki page:


If it is an ESC issue - I'll bet your ESCs are like turnigys - i'm sure on the web there are instructions on how to calibrate the ESCs..normally it's something providing full power within a few seconds of providing power to the ESCs, waiting for some beeps then providing minimum power...but whatever the method is, you should probably do it by directly connecting your RX to your ESCs (one at a time) withouth APM in the loop...and while you're doing this you should of course remove your propellers.

I try with ESC direct connected with TX but it same.

When i arm the motors first green led blinking bir motors not moved. [ except connect with USB ]

Do you have this ESC?


Manual of Sensorless Brushless Motor Speed Controller


try and lower your trim on your throttle so the ESC's will arm properly.



it looks like this...


I think these calibration is ok but when connect to lipo only one motor get 3 beep and stops.


After this if i connect with USB too all start working.

Ah I see It's a "Mystery" ESC. nice. 


And the logo has flames ,lol- omg did i just use lol ?

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