Hi everyone.


I finally got my replacement motor after previously having issues with motors shorting themselves out etc, this is the 3rd right side motor now, the last two went up in smoke (literally).


At first it was suspected that it was the poor quality bullet connectors, but the second one was soldered directly to the ESC (which was also replaced at the same time) and the same thing happened, and now motor number 3 just went into the "ticking" stage as I initially connected via the configurator too (still on the second ESC, this time using the pirates code and after configuring from the command line) but i managed to pull the power in time but it still got quite warm. I know others had the same issue and we all decided it was the dodgy bullets, but for me thats now 3 motors, all when connected to the right hand ESC (of which i have had 2) that have all gone into the ticking phase just as i connected with the configurator.


Has anyone else had issues with just the right-hand motor?

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I think it would be good to use a voltmeter to check the power connections into the ESC.  Also what's the amperage of the ESC?  >20amps?


I very much think it has nothing to do with software.  I think you could remove the APM completely and just connect the ESC straight to your radio and you'd have the same problems.

thanks for the suggestion Randy, but I don't see how that would help. Everything with quad in general is fine, ESCs have all flown fine and normal power up/down is ok, everything checks out with a multimeter and the ESCs are the stock 20A arducopter items. Its only when i've used the configurator and have the USB cable connected that this has occurred, so it wouldn't be possible to replicate the circumstances without the APM.


I know others had similar issues and in some cases they mentioned it was the right motor, i just wanted to see if it was ALWAYS the right motor as it seems odd its only ever that one i've had issues with.

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