I gust loaded the RC2 into the ardupilot mega AP but i was unable to connect to the configurator no matter what i am trying to do although the CLI works fine.


Could someone  explain please ? 

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Hello Erez,


Have you done all the steps here 

Had the same issue, it was solved by increasing the timeout to 10sec and above.

Sometimes it still does not connect, most of the time this is solved by closing and reopening the configurator.


im having the same issue, i set the time out to 30 and even 100, but it doesnt connect. The timeout indicates seconds yet when you select 30, it just tries to connect 30 times...? Connection Attempt #1 ... Connection Attempt #30 ...


What am i doing wrong, I have the slider towards the gps port and have done all the steps that Martint specified.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!



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