I've successfully assembled my APM+IMU. I have connected it to USB and GPS, and flashed the latest (RC1) arducopter code. After this I went trough the init procedure, and loaded the default values. 
There is no rx/tx or any other electronics connected (everything at customs or on its way). When I start the configurator, the z-axis accel continuously displays a 400+ (420,430) value. It fluctuates when I move the IMU, so does seem to get inputs.

Is this correct behavior, or should I have near-0 values like the other accel values? Do I need to start checking my soldering or worry if I have one of those flaky IMU's I hear rumors about?

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Z-axis is the earth gravity
it should be around 408 when IMU is leveled

everything is alright ;)
*phew* thanks :)
You can go in to the configurator then go in to calibration and you will see 3-numbers around just start to change the z axis until you get close to 408 Tom

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