I just purchased a Feiu Tech Mini 3d 3-Axis gimbal 

After too much consideration I figured this gimbal would suit my needs best. What I didn’t consider before I ordered it was how it interfaces with the APM 2.6. I saw a post in a thread that says APM 2.6 won’t support a 3 axis brushless gimbal and the Arducopter wiki only shows a pixhawk installation. I’m not sure I need this because the Mini 3D has it’s own stabilization and controller. I would like to be able implement Mission Planner features to control the gimbal, especially pitch and yaw.

The other question I have is powering it. My Y6 already has the 3dr power distribution board and power module. The pdb has a wire coming off it that I was wondering if I could power the gimbal with or would it allow too much voltage to the gimbal? Concerning the power module I think I read that I shouldn't power anything but the Flight controller and the GPS. 

I would prefer to be able to control from my transmitter, but I have another transmitter and receiver that I would eventually like to be able to implement for a camera operator.

My set-up
3DR Y6 
5200 mah 4c LiPo
APM 2.6
Turnigy 9XR
3DR radio telemetry
Feiu Tech Mini 3d 3-Axis gimbal
Some cheap servo gimbal

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Did you finally get how to interface both boards? Any link or tutorial? Which gimbal model did you buy?. Thanks. Regards.



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