I have an rc gyroplane that I really enjoy flying. It is very stable and obviously can't stall thanks to the rotory lifting surface. You rarely need to use the pitch and it can be flown on throttle adjustments only.
Given this I believe that a basic stabilization system on the roll axis would be enough to fly it. I was thinking of two gyros which are enough to determine the bank.

Being new in electronics my question is : "would it be easy to interconnect the LISY300 gyros which are 3.3 volt with the ardupilot (5Volts) ?"

I'm worried that in the case of a voltage change the A/D convertion would be messed up.


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We have a number of gyro and accelerometer boards that are designed to work with ArduPilot via the Shield, which has a 3.3v power supply and data-level conversion.
Thank your for your answer Chris,

What is the data-level conversion ?
Typically with 3.3v devices on a 5v system, you need to both provide 3.3v power and convert the data signals to 5v. So, for example, if the sensor has analog output and you don't convert, the range will be 0-3.3v, while our ADCs are set up for 0-5v and will compress the range.

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