Hello guys,

when i turn on my Arducopter doesn't stop to make constant sounds. Why can it be? Maybe a bad connection?


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You'll really have to try and give a better description of the problem.  From what you give us it could be anything.  What sounds ?  beeps ?  Do they come from the motors ?  Did you calibrate esc's ?

Yes, they are beeps and come from the motors. Yes, i calibrate them. I have made every step of the tutorial.


This Beeps mean, that the ESCs have no signal from the board.

Plugged in the wrong way?

They were plugged when i bought it.  I have checked them ant they are rights

mine did this until I calbrated the radio with mp.

Yes, i did the calibration with Mission Planner. I am using a RC with only two channels.

You can´t fly a copter with only two channels

Yes, obviously. First, i want to test that everything works well and then i will buy the RC to fly.

I think this will not work. The APM needs the signals of 4 channels to calculate the motor speeds.

So, do you think that for this reason the Arducopter makes beeps?

So, do you think that for this reason the Arducopter makes beeps?

I don´t know. I never tried to to start an incomplete copter.

But i hope so. A copter with missing channels is not flyable and dangerous.


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