Hello, after installing APM Planner 1.1.97 every time I launch, it says updates are available and do I want to update. How can this be corrected or is it a bug or ?



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Mine did that for awhile.  I uninstalled it and installed the latest version.

I have the same problem. I installed the latest version of Mission planner. And it keeps asking me to Update even though I have the latest updated mission planner.

The latest versio 1.1.98. If it keeps asking you to upgrade, just reboot your computer and that should stop. 

It doesn't stop if you reboot your machine. There is also a bug where v0.9 of Mavlink will be used instead of v1.0 of Mavlink after upgrading if the shortcut is pointing at the wrong software name. I'm going to do a fresh install, which should properly solve both issues.

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