Has anyone tried both the Contour 1080p and the GoPro HD hero?  It seems like everyone is using GoPros and I havent seen much mention of Contour cameras.

The Countour, has a rotatable lens and slightly more streamlined shape seems like it would be pretty good on a plane.  From all of the samples I have seen online, the video from the GoPro looks quite a bit clearer, but I haven't found many full 1080p samples from the Contour.


Let me know if anyone has any input as I am debating which one to get.



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I have both GoPro and Contour cameras. I've been using the Contour+ for motorcycle helmet use but plan to install a mount on my UAV. I have no problem either way with video quality of both brands but admit I've typically used GoPro on the UAVs simply because of the readily available gimbals for GoPro. I like the rotating lens on the Contour to give me more mounting options. My interest is to have a little fun with the Contour's Story Teller program to see what speed, altitude and other GPS features the program captures. Contour ..... Go For It!!

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