Has anyone tried both the Contour 1080p and the GoPro HD hero?  It seems like everyone is using GoPros and I havent seen much mention of Contour cameras.

The Countour, has a rotatable lens and slightly more streamlined shape seems like it would be pretty good on a plane.  From all of the samples I have seen online, the video from the GoPro looks quite a bit clearer, but I haven't found many full 1080p samples from the Contour.


Let me know if anyone has any input as I am debating which one to get.



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I did a lot of research before selecting the Contour1080 for myself.  I couldn't conclude which camera had better quality than the other.  A big part of the problem is YouTube slaughters whatever you upload with compression.  And difference in quality which you percieve could simply be down to how Youtube handles the different file formats.  Suffice it to say, the native quality out of the Contour is much better than anything I've seen on Youtube, and I'm happy with it.  I chose the Contour over the GoPro because of some of the things you mention.  I just find the GoPro to be a really cheezy design, looks like something out of cereal box.  I also wanted to use the camera on my motorcycle helmet, and I've seen guys riding with the GoPro and they just look like dorks.  A rather shallow reason to choose a camera, but in the absence of any really good reasons to choose one over the other... 


The Contour is also really easy to mount filters on.  Just need to buy the mounting ring.  Using it when it's mounted on your helmet and you have gloves on is WAY easier than the GoPro.  And the laser pointer is handy as well.


I think Contour has really knocked it out of the park lately.  The Contour+ is head and shoulders better than the Contour1080 and GoPro.  They've also instituted a BluTooth viewfinder app which is awesome. 


You should also check out the Replay camera.  New guy on the block, but looks really impressive.

Replay has a narrower field of view which would be better for fpv, in my opinion. It's video out is mini hdmi, so that will have to be reconciled with my Tx, but I think it's worth giving a shot. Nice form factor also.

Alex -


Take a look at the Drift Innovation Stealth camera. I have 3 of them and use them on vehicles, planes and attached to poles. They work great.




That's another point.  The GoPro has a freakishly wide 170° FOV with lots of barrel distortion.  The Contour1080 only has 135° which I prefer.  No way to get video out of the Contour, however.


With the Replay, I'm not sure how you could possibly go from HDMI (digital) to an analog TX.

Oh, and BTW, you can't get the Contour1080p anymore.  Unless you find it on clearout somewhere.  (I saw them going for $150).


Now they have the ContourRoam, which is like the 1080, but with a better, more waterproof case.  Then you have the ContourGPS which is just like the 1080, same not-so-waterproof-case and a GPS reciever.  And the Contour+, which has the blutooth viewfinder Android app, external mic input, and vastly improved image quality, and not-so-waterproof-case.

I didn't like the Drift just because there's no way to put a filter on it, and I couldn't see if the lens was replacable.  I always scratch lenses, so that was a no-go for me.  Otherwise, nice offereing with the built-in screen and a good form-factor.

The GoPro HD has a 127° FOV when videoing in 1080p mode.

Thanks everyone for your input. I think I am going to go ahead and go with a ContourHD 1080p.  You can get it on sale around the web for in the $130 range which seems like a pretty good deal for its features.

I have both, I prefer the GoPro for video quality, mounting, and simultaneous video out.


Contour 1080P for sale.

Thanks Hai, but I already went with the contour.  For the price I got it for (125 USD) it's not bad, but so far I have not been very happy with the video from it.  Videos I have seen off the GoPro tend to look a bit better.  So far all of my experimenting has been in the evening, with the sun low in the sky, providing pretty bad lighting so it does have that working against it.


With the GoPro's video out, is that an analogue signal that you can use for FPV?


I will post an update once I get some good flight video in full daylight.

What problems are you having?  Are you filming in the direction of the setting sun?  Or all directions causing a problem?  The video from mine is fine, but I haven't done anything at dusk yet.

I am not having any problems, I was just saying that the video is good but it doesn't seem to be quite as good as GoPros.

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