Hi Folks,

I have searched this forum but still can't find the easiest way to control the APM 2.5+ via Ethernet / Internet.

I just want to be able to update its waypoints via a router / ethernet solution.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good how to guide?

Or at least some converter board that will get the job done.



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This site has a group for this endavour. As far as I remember (it's been a while since I went through the threads), there's no single how-to/build log document, but there's lots of information there, nevertheless.

I have an idea, myself, about doing it with a Raspberry Pi on board, and a 3G USB modem. The connection to APM could be USB or serial. This is mostly because it seems to compete nicely, price-wise (Arduino modems are expensive, I think. I can acquire a Raspberry Pi and a 3G USB modem for less than a 3G ardu shield). Yup, I'm a high-tech scroooge..

Should one need to connect with Bluetooth, WiFi or even ethernet, this is also possible. All without changing or adding to the Ardupilot code, which, for me, is a good thing.

I also have another reason, but maybe more on that at a later time - need to test some stuff first.

The Raspberry Pi could be running a remote controlled QGC or maybe MAVProxy.

I read somewhere (can't find a link right now), that there's a web-frontend for MAVProxy, or at least that someone is working on it. I think I'd prefer MAVProxy myself, as it would allow me to run a head-less linux on the Raspberry Pi; the web-frontend allows you to use 'any' device (for example a tablet or smartphone) to update waypoints, trim PID values or whatever, without writing software for the specific platform (Android, IOS, etc.).

Also, MAVProxy is written in Python, where I have a little 'edge' compared to .net, C++ and such, so it would be easier for me to tweak, should the need arise.

When (or if) I get it done, you can be sure that I will post a build log, but please don't hold your breath :)

The simplest method, would be to add a small install a Android cellphone onboard, and use it's a USB/serial adapter on it's USB host.

Surely, there is a board that will connect to the TTL UART connection on the APM2.5 and output to a ethernet cable.

I already have a good router comms setup I just would like to integrate the APM 2.5 into this existing setup.

Any suggestions?


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