Wondering if anyone has experience with the ZenMuse "style" gimbal from CopterFrames.com?


Components and build on par or cheap knock-off?

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I recently received my ThreeDee gimbal, and assembled it this evening..

It looks like a very decent kit, good precision in the manufacturing. And high quality components as well.

Only problem I have found so far is some slack on the roll axis.

I have mailed Ozan (the guy fabricates them) about this, and he has so far been very helpful on the rcgroups thread.

He also released a brushless motor conversion kit, which I have inbound. Hopefully bye bye to servos.

Hopefully I'll get around to post some more details when I have it in the air..

Just an update on my roll-axis problem.. Got an answer from Ozan 12 hours later, stating that it should not be like that and that we, is going to post a new set of gfk pieces.. 

All I can say now is that both the product and the customer service is top notch..

That's great to hear. Can you share some photos of your setup? What frame are you using this on and how are you mounting the gimbal to the frame? Using a separate controller and BEC for the servos/motors?

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