This is a discussion related to the Copter development priority debate that popped on the Copter-3.3 beta testing thread.  A quick categorization of the things we work on in each release include:

  • bug fixes (i.e. fixes to existing features that have a defect)
  • safety features (i.e. new features that improve reliability)
  • other new features (i.e. non safety features like landing gear)

The basic question might be, "are we spending too much time on new features, time that should instead be spent on bug fixes or safety features?".  Let the debate continue!

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this project is fabulous!

there are some things to fix to be perfect or to be improve!

one thing is that dev team should stop to add new features and fix all small little problem like bad compass(yes it s done with 3.3) or start problem

i think we have already everything and a lot more than we need with this plateform..with gps improvement technology we will have more solid system!

wiki is already well made but yes it could be improve a bit(so pitty there are no french translation)

Thanks Hugues.

The list of specific issues that have to be dealt with are on github here. One that would be really good to be looked at is Create doc listing all/common ArduPilot error messages. Basically something which would help people understand and address any error message they see on the Mission Planner HUD, including the new EKF warnings.

If there is an issue you think you can address, add a comment requesting that it be assigned to you.

If you don't like that one, any page you see an issue with is "fair game" :-)

The quad always wants to yaw to the right or left when I take off

That's occurs to me when I had a magnetized bolt fixing the APM, I change the bolt and solved the problem (if you want to add to troubleshooting)

> Wiki is already well made but yes it could be improve a bit(so pitty there are no french translation)

Would you like to add a French translation? The instructions on how we do translation are here. (note, there was just an update to our service, so translations not displaying right. I have reported the issue).

+ for me too.

Greets from Holland

On topic...

I would really like to dig into this issue of reliability and would certainly appreciate more attention to bug fixes.  Is there a place I can go to see where all the reported bugs are?  


All confirmed bugs and requested enhancements are in the issue list here.

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