I recently bought from a local reseller here a complete kit of arducopter. It turns out it was an old model with 1280 board and now after soldering it seems the esc is damaged.


I tried to swap esc/motor combo and it was isolated in this ESC



Any suggestions?

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The ESC could be faulty, or may just have the timing set to a value that does not work well with that motor.  Not sure which esc you have - can you change the timing?


Thats a good suggestion thanks. Actually I manually reconfigure all esc one at a time including timing. All 4 ESC is now set to high timing. and only this guy is stuttering. After a few more test I notice that at time it will "restart" you will here startup tones. I guess its really defective. I hope local supplier can replace it.



I changed timing just to be sure all of 3 modes still stutering :(

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