These are accuracy questions really.

First -  Voltage readout. Am using a 3DR pixhawk (genuine) with the 3DR power module.
Testing a 4000mAh 11.1V battery I'm reading 12.61V with a digital multi-meter, and Mission Planner is showing me 12.49V 99% charged.

A difference of 0.12V. My question is - is this within acceptable tolerance? Should I be concerned about that small of a difference and try to adjust the compensation to have it match the multi-meter reading?

Second -  when the quad is sat stationary  I will get readings on things like ground speed ( I don't have an airspeed sensor installed), vertical speed etc. in the 0.X range and they flicker and fluctuate slightly. Again is this something I need to be concerned about or is it just slight variances in the GPS and compass readings?

Advice would be great, thanks.

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It is always possible your multimeter is slightly out, a 2% error is normal.

 A 2% error on the multimeter or MP?

And, ya, it's definitely possible the MM could be off whack too.

The accuracy of the voltage sensor is terrible. The problem is that the software assumes linearity but the voltage is more of a curve. Match up the voltage and current at hover or cruise throttle, and the end result will be fairly accurate. At max and min throttle it will always be way off.

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